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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Our diversity, equity, and inclusion mission is to actively and continuously educate ourselves and others to design a more just and equitable world, to embrace diversity in our practice, and to support people, institutions, and entities that have otherwise been marginalized. 


This mission takes continuous work and is never complete. The first steps we will take is to enlarge the circle of businesses we work with to include more black-owned businesses, ensure our volunteer hours and financial contributions are contributing to a diverse set of causes that affect the black community in our state, and evaluate the work we do to ensure our projects are pushing for what is best for all in the community and not just the bottom line. Our efforts will evolve, but we commit to continually reevaluating our progress.

“Design Can: Represent Us All. Disrupt the Status Quo. Celebrate New Voices. Tell Untold Stories. Confront Its Prejudices. Be Inclusive. Change.” Design Can #designcan


Looking outside of our routine professional circles and being introduced to new potential partners can bring about new ideas and a more diverse workplace. The list below consists of black and minority-owned businesses we are working with or who have been recommended to us. We hope you will add them to your list of contacts and consider them when you find yourself in need of these services. If you know a business owner that we should meet, please email us at

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